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The Newsletter of the Cotswold Pheasant and Poultry Club

Issue 51                                                                                                                                           July 2018


From The Presidents Perch



 I have to tell you all that we have lost one of our most loyal and stalwart members of our Club. John Saunders has died after a long period of ill health, although it was sudden in the end. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Margaret and all of her family at this time. No doubt they will give her strength and comfort for the future.

 John and Margaret joined the Cotswold Pheasant Club (as it was mainly then and the only pheasant club in the country, excluding shooting groups) after being in contact with Geoff Jacobs and George and his son Tony Smith, as they were already members. It was around that time that “and Poultry” was added to the Club’s title. This was in reflection of members who kept poultry as well as pheasants; most of us were after broody hens to hatch the pheasants. From the start both John and Margaret became active members joining in the Club’s many activities. This included putting on Exhibitions of Pheasants at various shows, in those days we put different breeds of   cock pheasants together in a six foot cubic pen. The birds seemed to settle quite well and not fight as there were no ladies present and most shows were for one day only, if I remember correctly the longest show we did was The Bath and West Show one year. From this John took on being Show and Exhibition Manager and Margaret became Treasurer. Both continued in these positions for many years working very hard for the Club giving their best and promoting the Club at every possible chance. Old age catches up with all of us in the long run, but the Club has a lot to thank John for over the years to which it is truly thankful. John, rest in peace.

 Several members were able to attend Johns Funeral Service to which some dressed in the Clubs colours as a mark of respect and thanks.

 I apologies if some of the facts may not be quite correct in chronological order but it has been a long time since I started the first meetings of like minded people in around 1972-3. Thank you, Neil.




Chairman’s Chatter




Welcome to the July 2018 edition of the Cotswold Quill. 


Firstly, as mentioned previously by Neil, we are all saddened to hear that John Saunders has passed away.  Our thoughts go out to Margaret and the family.  It was good to see several club members at the deservedly well-attended funeral, wearing their green club sweatshirts to show John’s long association with the club.


What a change in the weather!  In the April edition of the Cotswold Quill, I wrote “We just need an end to the rain and some wind to dry the fields up”.  Now, we are desperately in need of rain to get moisture in the crops and on the grass.  The Vicar at John’s funeral even gave a prayer specifically for rain!  Farmers were unable to get on the wet ground at the beginning of the spring and crops were planted late.  The corn now needs moisture to fill up the ears and it looks like it will be a poor harvest.  At least the laws of demand and supply will push the prices up so they can recoup some losses but no doubt the supermarkets will use this as an excuse to push food prices up!


The Committee have once again organised some very entertaining meetings since the last edition of the Quill. 


In April, Roger Thomas gave us a breed focus on Plymouth Rocks, Pekins and bantam Marans, with live props.  Roger is a good speaker and he gave us a very informative talk.


In May we had the annual club egg show which incorporated a fish and chip supper and a general knowledge quiz.  The results of the egg shown are detailed by Ken elsewhere in the newsletter.  The event was very well attended and the fish and chips, supplied by the local chip shop, were marvellous.  This year I produced a general knowledge quiz as everyone knew most of the answers to last year’s poultry based quiz, as you would expect.  Next year I will need to make the questions harder as the level of general knowledge in the room was very high.


In June we held the club outing with a visit to the Cotswold Farm Park in Guiting Power.  Once again, the event was well-attended and the promised rain didn’t arrive until we all had the opportunity to have a good look around.


The Club barbecue in July is the next event and many thanks in advance to Vanessa for hosting the evening.


The Exhibition season got underway on 26 May with a new one at the Oxfordshire Young Farmer’s Rally at Ducklington in Oxfordshire.  The event went very well with the organisers asking us to attend next year.  P D Hook hatcheries also had a stand at the event with an incubator which was hatching chicks all day.  Due to bio-security issues, the chicks couldn’t go back to the hatchery and were destined to “go to a special farm up the road” so they gave them to us instead.  Several club members went home with a batch of broiler chicks.


We attended the Cotswold Show last weekend where the heat could have given us some issues but electricity was provided so we were able to take some large fans.


Please refer to our website that is updated regularly with a full list of events, thanks to webmaster Sandy.


Thankfully, the Bird Flu Prevention Zone that the whole country was under has now been lifted without any cases hitting the commercial poultry people or the backyarders this year.  However, the virus is still out there with a couple of cases recently in wild birds in Northern Ireland so please continue with your biosecurity measures and stay on alert. 


The Cotswold Pheasant & Poultry Club



Another of our longest serving members, Sue Peace has just celebrated her 90th Birthday on the 23rd June. Several other long standing members attended a special party for her.


A belated Happy Birthday  from the Cotswold Pheasant and Poultry Club.


Best wishes to you all. 


John Smith. Chairman and Exhibition Secretary. 

Egg show results 2018 can be found here.


Exhibition Dates


Saturday 21st July

Stroud Show.

Stratford Park, Stroud.


Saturday/Sunday 4th And 4th August.

Gloucestershire Steam Extravaganza.

South Cerney Airfield, Cirencester.


Sunday 12th August

Tetbury Summer Show.

Recreation Ground – 10.00 for 12.00 start.


Sunday/Monday 26th and 27th August

White Horse Show

Uffington – 8.30 for 10.00 start.


Saturday 1st September

Moreton-in Marsh Show

Batsford Park, Morton-in-Marsh


Sunday 9th September

Frampton on Severn Show

8.00 for10.00 start


Saturday 29th September

FFF&B Ploughing Match

Location details to follow


Club Diary Dates

August- No meeting


Wednesday 12th September – a talk by

Bob Rhodes – Time Out Animal Sanctuary


Wednesday 10th October - AGM


Seasonal Reminder


This year, due to the exceptionally hot weather, the scourge of Red Poultry Mite has arrived in our chicken houses earlier than usual. As they only emerge from their hiding places at night you will not find them on your birds during daylight hours.

Treatment is not easy as some of the old remedies have been banned by health regulations.  Poultry Shield, a disinfectant is OK the start with to clean the house but liquid Mite Kill is more effective. Various powders are available to dust the birds with such as barrier, these supposed to kill any mite that attacks the bird. Another is to dust the bird, floor area and perch sockets with diatomaceous earth. This works by scratching the waxy shell of the mite causing them to desiccate and die.


For Sale


Nankin Pairs

Ken Cservenka

Tel: 01285 654640 or 07922 113405

Light Sussex bantams – point of lay – hatched Summer 2015

Plymouth Rock bantams (Buff) – point of lay – hatched Summer 2015. Both Excellent stock

Tel: Jan Palejowski home 01993 831083

Mobile 07808 719877

White Fantail Doves

£20 each, unsexed.

£35 for two, unsexed

£65 for four, unsexed

Steve Jesic

Tel: 07904 861527


The committee 2017-2018


President                       Neil Harvey

Chairman and

Exhibition Secretary     John Smith

Treasurer                        Kathleen Harrison

Secretary                      Margaret Gardner

Show Secretary and

Editor Cotswold Quill    Ken Cservenka

Trophy Steward            Charlie Berry

Committee                   Margaret Saunders

                                        Sandy Lee

                                        Richard Burford

Junior Committee:       Daniel Marchese

The views expressed in this Newsletter by individual contributors are not necessarily those of the club committee.

Editorial Deadline for next issue

Saturday 1st September  2018

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